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For the best, cost-effective multi-storey window cleaning services, get in contact with Easy Reach Cleaning today.

Easy Reach Cleaning provides clients all over Galway with the very best in Chimney cleaning services

Our team of highly professional chimney cleaners are available to clean open fire chimneys and stove chimneys. 

We combine over a decade of chimney cleaning experience and expertise with the latest chimney cleaning technology. We utilise the power sweeping chimney cleaning system, which offers an unparalleled level of soot removal. 

Our professional chimney cleaning processes ensure that your property’s interior is fully protected during the chimney cleaning procedure. We always leave properties in pristine, once the job is completed


Need your chimney cleaned in Galway? Get in contact with Easy Reach Cleaning today.


  Concerned about the internal health of your chimney’s flue? We provide clients with our state-of-the-art chimney inspection system.
  Using a specially designed high-resolution camera that is fed directly into the chimney, we can detect cracks, holes or other issues affecting the chimney’s flue.
  Broken or cracked chimney’s increase the risk of fire, and can even start to leak soot and smoke into a property.
  Our CCTV inspection service can detect potential issues early; before they cause serious damage.
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