Soft Washing

Easy Reach Cleaning provides clients with our range of innovative soft washing techniques that are strong on stains and impurities, while being gentle on surfaces. Soft washing uses a combination of environmentally friendly cleaning agents and low water pressure to remove:

  • Mould

  • Red Lichen

  • Green Lichen

  • Mildew

  • Algae

Whatever the stain, our soft washing techniques will completely remove the impurities while protecting the integrity of the surface. Soft washing is recommended for sensitive areas of a property, including the roof, gutters and walls.

For professional weed, Lichen and in-grained dirt removal - that’s gentle on surfaces - get in contact with Easy Reach Cleaning today.

Advantages of Soft Washing

Soft washing's use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents means that it does so much more than just remove organic stains and impurities. 

These cleaning agents create a seal that prevents the regrowth of these organic impurities. 

Our soft washing service combines these cleaning agents with low-pressure power washing which helps the cleaning agents penetrate deeply into a surface. 

This penetrative system, kills weeds, and lichen growth at the source. Soft washing offers long-term results.

To discuss our comprehensive range of soft washing services, get in contact with Easy Reach Cleaning today.