Power Washing

Easy Reach Cleaning provides clients all over Galway with our professional power washing service. Using a variety of modern, high-pressure power washers, we can remove just about every impurity or stain from a solid surface. 

The speed of our power washing service and the expertise of our operators means we can quickly clean a large outdoor area. 

Our power washing service is perfect for:

  • Driveways

  • Tarmacadam

  • Paths

  • Block Paving

  • Patios

  • Garden Paths

  • Stone

  • Houses

  • Walls

  • Gutter Fascias

  • Gutter Soffits

Our team use the right water pressure to remove stubborn pervasive stains and organic pests while protecting the integrity of the surface.

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Power Washing Chemical Treatment Galway

We can infuse our pressurised water with environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals which can seal a surface, keeping it clean for longer. 

We use a variety of cleaning agents which help prevent the regrowth of weeds, mould, green moss and red lichen. 

Depending on the unique requirements of the customer. We can recommend the appropriate sealant for the specifications of the property.

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Power Washing Package

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